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Vicki Schreiner
Gertrude the Giraffe...

Gertrude watches over you and all her BaZoople friends.
She loves to run and stretch her neck and read bedtime stories to them.

Zach the Zebra...

It's hard to get Zach out of bed no matter how you try.
He loves to lay out in the sun and watch the clouds float by.

Lester the Lion...

Lester's quite the stinker as all lion cubs can be.
He's rambunctious when he plays and loves to climb the trees.

Elsie the Elephant...

Elsie loves to splash in puddles and hide for peek-a-boo.
She's shy and gives big snuggly hugs, she's brave and smart like you.

Max and Molly the Monkeys...

Max likes doing summersaults and hanging upside down.
He loves to chase his shadow when it runs across the ground.

Molly loves to giggle as she swings from vine to vine.
Her favorite things are rainbows and to play pretend sometimes.

Humphrey the Hippo...

Humphrey always takes his time to get from there to home.
He likes taking bubble baths and eating icecream cones.

Ollie the Ostrich...

Ollie's quite the chatterbox and loves to take long walks.
He's the truest friend you'll find and listens when you talk.

The Flutterbugs...

With the flutterbugs nearby alone you'll never be,
As they do swirling loop-d-loops they'll keep you company.