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Meet the BaZooples' Mommy & Creator...
    Meet artist Vicki Schreiner, the creator of 
the delightful BaZooples    characters.  In 2006, 
after pulling old sketches of her first two little 
critters out of a drawer where they had been 
tucked away for four long years, Vicki began the 
exciting BaZooples    (Baby Zoo People--because
animals are people too!) adventure.


    As these loveable animals live and breathe in Vicki's imagination, they
also grace her studio walls, surrounding her with smiles and inspiring new 
ideas.  "It's a true joy to walk into my studio and sit down to new creative
adventures each day!".  

   Although Vicki has worn many hats throughout her career, her passion has always been for the artwork. "Delightful images dance through my head day and night...the fun part is being able to bring these images to life and watch them grow into a finished product for everyone to use and enjoy!"
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Many happy BaZooples 
folks send photos of their hand-made BaZooples treasures and comfy-cozy decorated nurseries. 

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would love to hear 
from you too!
  to find new product adventures & updates!
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friends say 
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    Her first characters were Gertrude, the 
cuddly giraffe who watches over all of her adorable friends, and Zach, the lazy but very sweet zebra who loves to lay in the grass and watch the clouds float by.
For BaZooples
Licensing Inquiries
Please contact Vicki's 
agent: Julie Ager at
Artistic Designs Group